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A Chronology of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography (1962-2012) by Donald C. Gordon

The BIO Oceans Association has published this 300-page chronology of BIO history and overview of how BIO evolved as a federal oceanographic research laboratory over its first fifty years. This chronology builds upon earlier versions developed by Dale Buckley of the BIO Oceans Association and Carol Broome of the BIO Library. The principal sources of information were the BIO Annual or Biennial Reviews that, with just a few gaps, were prepared between 1962 and 2009. Other sources of information included Voyage of Discovery, published documents, internal reports, the Internet and personal contacts.

The chronology begins with a summary of some of the major events that took place in the development of marine science in Canada that helped set the stage for the establishment of BIO in 1962. This is followed by a year-by-year (1962-2012) listing of selected information under the headings of organization and staff, facilities, ships, program, technology, conferences and workshops, honours and awards, prominent visitors and external events. It concludes with a summary, conclusion and list of key references on BIO history.

It is hoped that this chronology will be of value and interest to past, current and future BIO staff, as well as others in the broader oceanographic community who are interested in learning about the rich history and many accomplishments of this remarkable institute.

Last Modified: 2023-07-26