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Bedford Institute of Oceanography - Oceans Association

BIO-Oceans Association announces the publication of a major treatise reviewing the history and marine research accomplishments at Canada's Bedford Institute of Oceanography over five decades primarily in the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans


Fifty Years of Marine Research at Canada's Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Edited by:
D.N. Nettleship,
D.C. Gordon,
C.F.M. Lewis and
M.P. Latremouille

Voyage of Discovery summarizes BIO research results on the oceanography of Arctic and Eastern Canada. In a series of 48 papers by past and present research staff from all oceanographic disciplines at BIO, the history of Canadian oceanography before BIO and a broad cross section of the Institute's work spanning five decades are featured with particular emphasis on contributions to Canadian and global understanding/management of the marine environment.

Divided into 12 sections with a Preface and Epilogue, Voyage of Discovery is the most extensive overview of the history and scientific accomplishments of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography under one cover: Historical Roots, Arctic Studies, Ocean Life, Ocean Circulation and Chemistry, Hydrography and Seabed Mapping, Geological Oceanography, Fisheries-Ecosystems-Aquaculture, Marine Contamination, Technology and Instrument Development, Energy Developments, BIO and the Law of the Sea, and The BIO Experience. This book's well-written and illustrated accounts will appeal to a broad readership from professional oceanographers and environmental/resource managers and decision-makers to marine science students and lay persons interested in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, and their present status and future welfare.

Hardcover, text and 566 illustrations on premium 8.5 x 11 inch glossy 100 wt Sterling paper with sewn binding, 460 pages, 2.2 kg., ISBN 978-0-9936443-0-6. BIO-OA Publication - 20 November 2014
Suggested retail price - $35.00

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